Limited Scope Retainers “Unbundling”

Limited Scope Retainers or “unbundling” refers to a client hiring a lawyer for a specific limited purpose rather than retaining a lawyer generally to handle their whole family law case.

Limited Scope Retainers offer clients much more control of the costs of a legal matter as compared to a full retainer for all purposes. Of course, limited scope retainers require that the client take on more responsibility for their own case rather than just giving instructions to a lawyer.

We at First Law Corporation do offer some legal information and advice on each client’s specific circumstances in a one hour initial consultation at one half the lawyer’s usual rate. Sometimes that is all a client requires. That is an example of a very limited scope retainer. But a limited scope retainer can progress beyond the initial consultation.

We can and will make limited scope retainer arrangements at First Law Corporation in appropriate circumstances. We are always willing to discuss that possibility.

In a limited scope retainer we charge clients for the time spent by the lawyer at the lawyer’s usual hourly rate. We prepare a retainer letter to describe what specific services that the lawyer will be providing, whether that be advice and information only, or assistance with the drafting of specific documents only. The client reviews and signs the retainer letter to confirm the client understands what specific services the lawyer will be providing.

Sometimes arrangements change over time. A client may initially seek a limited scope retainer for advice only. That may lead to a further limited scope retainer for a specific task only.

We at First Law Corporation are always open to discussing your specific needs and specific circumstances and, where possible, entering into an arrangement to meet those needs. Never hesitate to ask.

In other blog posts we give examples of possible limited scope retainer scenarios. So check back for more information.

We at First Law look forward meeting with you soon and working together to resolve your family law issues.

Russell Tretiak Q.C., Lori Gerbig, Candice Hall, Brandon Hastings, Rasjovan Dale (Articled Student)

Written by Lori Gerbig

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