Orders of No Contact Restraining Orders in New Westminster, the Fraser Valley and Beyond in British Columbia

Making the decision to pursue an order of no contact, commonly referred to as a restraining order, can be difficult. Often these cases are highly conflicted and may involve allegations of domestic violence. Orders of no contact are available to you and your children to protect you from physical and emotional harm.

If you believe you are in danger, it is important to contact the police and a lawyer as soon as possible. We can work with you and the police to ensure that steps are taken quickly to protect you and your children.

At Quay Law Centre, our main concern is keeping our clients safe. We can assess your situation and quickly apply for the appropriate type of restraining order. Call us today to learn more and to take action to protect yourself and your interests.

Peace Bonds

A peace bond is a criminal court order issued to protect one person from harming another. An individual or the police may ask for a peace bond. Unless the individual agrees to willingly enter into the peace bond, there will be a hearing. The judge will decide whether to approve the peace bond based on the prosecution’s and the defendant’s arguments.

Restraining Orders

A restraining order differs from a peace bond in that it is a civil order, not a criminal one. To obtain this order, a person must apply to a family court judge, typically while applying for child custody or separation.

Property Restraining Order

In some circumstances, if one party is concerned that his or her spouse may dispose of a family asset, that person can apply for an order restraining the other party from the disposition of the asset. These orders can often be made without notice to the other party. These are referred to as a section 91 Restraining Order. If you have concerns that your spouse may dispose of a family asset, it is important to see one of our lawyers immediately.

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