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Every day, couples decide to separate and divorce. While the process of ending a relationship is not always an easy one, our experienced lawyers can help you make the right decisions and efficiently work toward a resolution.

When you hire one of the divorce lawyers at Quay Law Centre, we will conduct a thorough assessment of your finances, assets, property and issues related to your children, as well as your goals. After meeting with you, we will determine the appropriate approach to be taken, which may include an attempt to negotiate or mediate a settlement of disputed issues.

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A divorce can only be granted by the Supreme Court, and you must have a divorce if you want to remarry. The court will grant a divorce if you or your spouse demonstrates a breakdown in the marriage by showing:

  • You have been separated (lived apart) for at least one year
  • One spouse committed adultery
  • One spouse was physically or mentally cruel to the other

Separation Agreements

If the two parties can come to a fair agreement on how to settle all of the issues involved in the separation, a separation agreement can be created outside of court. This agreement will contain detailed information such as how your property, finances and time spent with your children will be divided. If you cannot come to an agreement on any issues related to the separation, court may be the best option.

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