Determination of Income

Determining income accurately for child support and spousal support purposes is not always straightforward. At Quay Law Centre, we tackle the complex issues involved in defending or questioning a stated amount of income. Our lawyers regularly achieve positive outcomes for clients on both sides of these complicated matters throughout British Columbia.

Tax Return vs. Family Law Income

It is important to carefully examine and investigate the other party’s financial information. To protect our clients’ best interests, we will look beyond the reported values. Income reported on tax returns is not always appropriate to use for determining child support or spousal support. Some deductions that are proper for tax purposes cannot be deducted from your gross income in calculating child support or spousal support.

A Trusted Network of Resources

Our lawyers work with a trusted network of resources, including forensic accountants and investigators, to execute a factual investigation and legal analysis of the other spouse’s income and assets. The investigation may include title searches for real estate or vehicles the other party owns but has not revealed.

If we find evidence that the other party has significant unreported income or hidden assets, the court can impute an actual income level that better reflects that spouse’s reality. We may also defend a client’s stated income.

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