Divorce and Foreclosure Lawyers in New Westminster, the Fraser Valley and Beyond in British Columbia

Home foreclosure is a common issue for separating or divorcing couples. Often, couples stop making payments on their matrimonial homes due to disputes over finances. Foreclosure proceedings can significantly complicate the divorce process, which is why it is important to seek experienced legal counsel.

Quay Law Centre is known for our knowledge and experience in all matters that accompany separation and divorce, including foreclosure.

Our lawyers can help you determine the course of action that will be most advantageous for you if your matrimonial home has gone into foreclosure. We will:

  • Review all relevant information about the home
  • Determine if one party orchestrated the foreclosure for personal benefit
  • Carefully consider the amount of equity in the home
  • Determine your goals and decide if the home is worth fighting for
  • Explore options with the bank to bring the mortgage current

If your matrimonial home is on the brink of foreclosure, you should also consider how a potential bankruptcy declaration by the other party could affect you.

Divorce and Bankruptcy Lawyers in Metropolitan Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and Kelowna

If you are considering personal bankruptcy or you believe that your spouse or partner might be, it is of crucial importance to contact a lawyer in a timely manner. At Quay Law Centre, we know that the timing of a bankruptcy declaration by either party can have a dramatic impact on the division of assets and debts in divorce and separation.

Joint Debt

When two people have shared or joint debt and one declares bankruptcy, it can have a significant impact on the person who is not declaring bankruptcy. The financially stable person can be considered liable for credit card debt and other joint debt.

In both bankruptcy and foreclosure, the positioning of your claim regarding your property is critical. In divorce and separation, bankruptcy can significantly complicate the division of divorce assets, especially in cases where one spouse declares bankruptcy before a court order has been issued.

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