Third-Party Rights, Grandparents and Relatives

For many children, grandparents play a significant role in their lives. When a divorce, separation or another family event occurs, the relationship between a child and grandparent can be affected.

While a grandparent or other relative’s rights are not the same as a parent’s rights in matters of child access and custody, in rare cases access can be legally obtained. Typically, these cases involve family members or other people who historically have had significant access to a child and are now being prevented from seeing the child.

Quay Law Centre offers a wealth of experience and legal knowledge. We are familiar with every aspect of family law, including complex custody and access claims involving grandparents, extended relatives and third parties.

Temporary or Permanent Custody

In some cases, grandparents, relatives or other third-parties may seek permanent or temporary custody of a child. For example, if the mother has passed away and the father is not involved in the child’s life, or the only/surviving parent is unfit to care for the child, custody may be granted to someone other than a parent.

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