Child-Focused Dispute Resolution

Courts in British Columbia use the adversarial approach where one side wins and the other side loses. While this may be appropriate for some situations, your children cannot be part of a win-lose scenario. When parents fight to win, the children are often the ones who lose the most.

Our clients understand that while they may not be spouses anymore, they are still co-parents who must work together. Most separated families continue to come together even after the children grow up — for serious accidents and illnesses, graduations and weddings, if nothing else.

At Quay Law Centre, our child-focussed dispute resolution can help you put your child first

Preserving Relationships

All matters in your separation, including support and property, will affect your children. However, parenting disputes over guardianship, parental responsibilities, parenting time and contact will have the most direct impact on them.

We will focus on the needs of your children and help you find the best solutions. In determining this, we will discuss:

  • The role of the parents:Before the separation, each parent probably had a defined role with the children. This may influence who should be in charge of day-to-day care of the children, or who should make major decisions for them.
  • Each parent’s lifestyle:This may include any new partners, the parent’s job and living situation.
  • The wishes of the children:As a child grows older, his or her preferences must be taken into account.
  • Parental cooperation and communication:Your choices about sharing responsibilities for your children may depend on your ability to work together.

At Quay Law Centre, we believe in expedience and watching expenses. Family mediation and collaborative family law are generally far more efficient and cost effective than the court system. Our lawyers in the Okanagan Valley will travel to your location if necessary to help you resolve your matters.

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