Lawyers for Paternity Claims in New Westminster, the Fraser Valley and Beyond in British Columbia

Legal issues relating to paternity, including child support and child custody can be difficult and emotional. Whether you require legal assistance in proving paternity or establishing child custody, guardianship or access to the child, our lawyers at Quay Law Centre can assist you.

Paternity issues typically follow this path in British Columbia:

  • Presumption of fatherhood: First, the court will consider whether there is a presumption of fatherhood if a child’s paternity is in question. Generally, if a man is in a relationship with the child’s mother, he will likely be presumed the father. The Family Law Act provides much greater detail regarding this matter.
  • Presumption rebuttal: If the presumed father denies paternity, he may rebut the presumption of fatherhood and have a paternity test conducted. Without a formal rebuttal, the man will likely be required to pay child support for the child.
  • Paternity/DNA testing: Paternity can be established or disproved through testing. Today, DNA tests are the most accurate tests available, with over a 99 percent accuracy rate.

Representing Mothers

When a child’s parentage is in question, we can help the mother establish the paternity of the child through DNA testing. Once paternity is scientifically and legally established, we will work to obtain court orders for appropriate child support.

Representing Fathers

If the test reveals that our client is the father, we will work to negotiate, mediate or litigate appropriate child support arrangements. A father’s rights extend beyond the chequebook. We will also help you establish and exercise your right to have access to your child.

Our law group is also available to enforce or seek variances to court-ordered child support, access and custody arrangements.

To arrange a consultation with a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer regarding a paternity issue, please contact Quay Law Centre at 604-527-1161. From our multiple offices, we represent clients in the Metro-Vancouver area, including Surrey, Fraser Valley, Tri-Cities, Burnaby, Kelowna, and any other area throughout B.C., Canada and internationally.