Lawyers for Guardianship and Parenting Arrangements

If you or your child’s other parent wishes to relocate with the children and the move will affect your current parenting arrangements, speak with a knowledgeable family lawyer. Disputes between separated or divorced parents over relocating children often go to court, as the Family Law Act offers no steadfast guidelines regarding this topic.

At Quay Law Centre, we have successfully resolved cases for parents who sought to relocate with their children and for parents who opposed such a move. Our mobility cases have involved:

  • Moves within British Columbia
  • Moves to another province
  • Moves to the U.S.
  • International moves, including Denmark, New Zealand, France and many other countries.

We also have experience dealing with the Hague Convention. See one of our lawyers at Quay Law Centre if you are considering a move, or if your spouse has moved or would like to move with the children without your consent.

Building a Case for or Against Relocation

For the court to approve of such a move, the parent desiring to relocate with the children must show that the move is in good faith, that it serves the best interests of the children, and that all options for keeping the existing custody and access arrangement have been explored.

The opposing party may argue that the proposed move does not serve the best interests of the children and interferes unnecessarily with the agreed upon access and custody rights.

Hague Convention Cases

Our lawyers are experienced in handling cases where one parent relocated the children to another country without permission. These are complicated, emotional cases that involve obtaining a return order from the other country through the international Hague Convention treaty.

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