Calculating child support without legal help can be challenging

British Columbia parents who consider divorce have an extensive list of matters that will need attention — some are more complicated than others are. Understanding child support is a challenge, and even if there are no extraordinary expenses, a skilled divorce lawyer’s help might be necessary. The lawyers at the Quay Law Centre in Vancouver focus on family law issues and provide support and guidance to families throughout the province.

Child support calculations are typically based on the paying parent’s income per year, the number of children the couple has, and the details of the child custody arrangement. The noncustodial parent must contribute to the costs of food, shelter and clothing of the child. However, the federal government’s Child Support Guidelines include extraordinary circumstances and special expenses under a category called section 7. These could include expenses related to education, childcare and more, and the parents typically have to share those costs according to their incomes.

How would the court calculate child support if the paying parent is self-employed or owns a business? Will there be a variation in the court’s calculations if the payor suffers undue hardship? He or she might have a high debt level, have child support responsibilities from a previous relationship, support a person who is disabled or have other extraordinary expenses.

Any divorce is a stressful experience, and with so many unknowns, the process can quickly become overwhelming. Not only can the legal team at the Quay Law Centre in British Columbia explain how the court averages the income of a parent whose salary varies significantly, but our lawyers can also identify extraordinary expenses that might qualify for additional support. If necessary, we can assist in seeking a variation of child support by demonstrating undue financial hardship.

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