Is collaborative law the best option for your divorce?

Many British Columbia residents may know somebody who suffered severe financial losses in the process of ending a marriage. While the advice and guidance of friends and family can mean a lot, it is typically based on their experiences during divorce — or on what they heard from others. It may be best to accept their moral support to provide emotional strength but to seek legal guidance from an experienced divorce lawyer that might include an explanation of the pros and cons of collaborative law..

Along with all the emotional implications usually associated with a divorce, the financial implications can affect the post-divorce lifestyles of both parties. Collaborative law is an option to explore that provides couples with the opportunity to avoid litigation and take charge of their futures through peaceful negotiations. With the guidance of qualified collaborative law professionals along with additional resources, such as financial and tax advisors, interest-based negotiations are facilitated.

Skilled lawyers can assist both parties in identifying, understanding and prioritising their individual financial needs for the future. Their concerns can be addressed and solutions found. Together, they can determine the financial needs of the children and negotiate arrangements that will be in the best interests of the children. Collaborative lawyers can compare and contrast different scenarios for settlements, allowing soon-to-be divorced spouses the empowerment of making their own financial decisions.

With collaborative law and the skilled guidance of divorce lawyers and other professionals, British Columbia couples could reach out-of-court settlements. This process ensures fair negotiations that protect the interests and rights of both parties. Many people who have utilised this process to end their marriages have found it to be a win-win process with nobody ending up as a loser; therefore, learning the intricacies of collaborative law might be worthwhile.

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