Divorce lawyer plus financial advisor might spell fiscal security

A family law attorney is a good choice for anyone seeking a divorce in British Columbia. If it is a high net worth divorce, the attorney will likely have additional resources — including financial and tax advisors — to provide support. Other professionals that could ease the process include those that could provide assistance linked to real estate and child-related issues.

Divorce negotiations are always challenging, both on emotional and financial levels, and proper planning is essential. With the combined guidance of an attorney and a financial advisor, monetary needs and concerns can be identified, prioritised and clarified. Another complicated process is determining the changing financial needs of children with different ages. A budget that will be adequate to accommodate their needs could be drafted.

When it comes spousal support, a financial advisor can help with the comparison of different scenarios for a settlement while the attorney can take care of the legal aspects of the final agreement. With their combined skills, these professionals can empower a spouse to make financial decisions based on sound advice. In cases in which a spouse is suspected of hiding assets, this professional combination will know how to handle the situation.

British Columbia spouses facing the complicated challenges of high asset divorces need not do so on their own. The process of proper planning before the commencement of settlement negotiations is vital. Having a professional team to support the skills of an experienced divorce attorney can help to arrange a settlement focused on ensuring post-divorce financial security.

Source: advisor.ca, “Financial planners can help craft better divorce settlements“, Nathalie Boutet, Accessed on March 31, 2017

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