Representing British Columbia parents in child support disputes

Many British Columbia parents struggle continually to make their child support payments. Judges base child support payments on a percentage of payor’s income, but many people who are responsible for child support payments find it difficult to keep ahead of their living expenses and other bills because of their child support payments.

You may be a parent who found it easy to pay your child support until Section 7 expenses, such as day care or educational expenses, healthcare costs or extracurricular activities, were added to your monthly support payment. Your child’s other parent may have gotten a promotion or better-paying job that means that they may be able to contribute a greater percentage of these special and extraordinary expenses, prompting you to consider seeking a modification.

The child support lawyers at our firm have decades of combined experience in representing parents with child support concerns. Our experience on both sides of child support cases gives us a unique perspective that allows us to pursue fair resolutions quickly. If you are experiencing undue hardship that makes your child support order unreasonable, we may be able to argue before a judge that you deserve a variation. Variations may also be granted based on high debt, your responsibility to an ill or disabled person or your other children, or high expenses involved in visiting your children.

The lawyers at our firm are dedicated to helping parents seek reasonable solutions to their child support problems. Our firm focuses on family law, allowing us to put our experience to work in our clients’ cases. For more information on the services we provide to parents with undue hardships, please see our page on child support and Section 7 expenses.

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