Okanagan Valley Family Mediation and Arbitration Services

As part of the Okanagan Valley community, the staff and lawyers at Quay Law Centre are aware of the special needs of clients and the family law issues that matter to them. Whether you work at one of the surrounding area wineries, orchards, in manufacturing or are part of the thriving tourist industry, we will try and work with you to accommodate your eventful schedule. We will even travel to meet you wherever you are in the Okanagan Valley if necessary.

Our clients appreciate our respect for their time as well as their bottom line. Although some disputes can only be resolved through court, for the most part our clients are much better served through alternative dispute resolution (ADR). It is also usually a far better choice for couples with children.

The ADR process can consist of family law mediation, negotiation, arbitration and collaborative family law and it is normally faster, more efficient and more cost-effective than going to court. At our Okanagan office we generally employ our junior lawyers for the day-to-day work of your case. The benefits of having a junior lawyers working on your file is that they bill at a lower rate. However, if your case becomes complex the junior lawyer will consult with the senior lawyer.

Resolving Disputes Constructively

There are a number of ADR approaches available:

  • Assisted negotiation:In this approach, both parties negotiate with the help of their lawyers, who provide legal advice and help keep discussions focused.
  • Mediation:The parties sit down with their lawyers and a mediator and focus on meeting everyone’s needs. Rather than giving a judge control over the results, participants set their own agenda and find their own creative, often unique solutions.
  • Arbitration:This is similar to a court proceeding, but slightly less formal. You can choose your own arbitrator and it is often much faster than going to court.
  • Collaborative family law:The lawyers are often joined by other professionals, who give advice to the separating couple about finances, child care, property division and other matters. All sides agree that if a resolution cannot be reached through this process, new lawyers will be hired before going to court. This encourages everyone to work to resolve issues.

To better serve the respective needs of our clients we have a number of lawyers who have ample experience as mediators, certified arbitrators and parenting coordinators.

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