Divorce may be more complicated than anticipated

When British Columbia couples decide to end their marriages, some may not anticipate the complexity and the costs of the process they will have to go through. Online sources and the media sometimes give the impression that a divorce is easily achievable. The truth is that the procedures are often complicated and usually best achieved alongside experienced legal guidance.

If couples can work out settlements through communication and compromise, the divorce process may take three to six months, though a litigated divorce could take many more months or even years to complete. Typically, both spouses will benefit from having separate legal counsel throughout the procedures. Agreeing to settle may prevent delays and pave the way for negotiations. However, it is important for each party’s lawyer to know exactly what the client’s wishes are and which compromises he or she is willing to make.

It makes sense to avoid pointless arguments that may jeopardise post-divorce relationships — particularly if there are children involved. Social media activity is also something that may be best avoided during divorce proceedings. Posts can be used in court and might be to the detriment of the party involved. It’s also best to avoid responding to provocation, which is sometimes used to start unnecessary arguments that can delay the process.

Any British Columbia resident who considers divorce can avoid numerous obstacles with the help of a seasoned divorce lawyer. The attorney can assess the unique circumstances of the client before suggesting the available options to proceed in the way that will best protect the interests of the client. The lawyer can also assist during negotiations for property division, child-related issues and other unresolved divorce topics.

Source: huffingtonpost.ca, “Divorce Process Canada: 6 Ways To Ensure It Goes Smoothly“, Arti Patel, Feb. 7, 2017

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