What you need to know about divorce and foreclosure

Do you own a family home with your soon to be former spouse? If so, you may have concerns about who will stay in the home. You may also be concerned about foreclosure, especially if you have faced some financial concerns in the past.

In many cases, home foreclosure leads to divorce. The stress of losing the family home, along with other financial troubles, can cause a lot of problems.

When a couple has a financial dispute, it’s not uncommon for payments on the home to be missed. As a result, the lender may start the foreclosure process.

It is important to understand your rights if you are faced with foreclosure and divorce at the same time. This is a lot to take on, so staying organized would be in your best interest.

You need to do the following:

  • Review your situation in great detail.
  • Determine if the other party is trying to use foreclosure to their advantage.
  • Understand the equity in your home.
  • Make a decision as to whether or not you should fight to keep the home.

If your home is facing foreclosure and you are going through divorce, you are in the middle of a bad time. This is where we can help.

Our lawyers know the ins and outs of divorce and foreclosure. We can help you understand your rights and what to do next.

In addition to our website, you can contact us online or via phone for assistance. Soon enough, you will better understand your situation and how to deal with your financial challenges.

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