Divorce and separation agreements: Know what you are doing

Even though it is not the ideal situation, many people decide that splitting up would be in their best interest. Their marriage is no longer working, so they decide to call it quits.

There is nothing simple about ending a relationship, as this will impact your life in a number of ways. But if there is a silver lining, let it be this: You have more than one option for moving on with your life.

Divorce is common; however, this can only be granted by the Supreme Court. If you have any plans of remarrying in the future, make sure you go through with a divorce. The court is more than willing to grant a divorce if you can prove:

  • One spouse or both committed adultery.
  • One spouse or both was mentally or physically abusive.
  • You have been living apart for a minimum of one year.

If a divorce does not make sense or if you want to work on things outside the court, a separation agreement is an idea to consider. This contains a breakdown of how your property will be divided, financial details and what will happen to any children.

It doesn’t matter if you are interested in a traditional divorce or separation agreement, you should understand the pros and cons of both. This will help you and your soon-to-be former spouse make an informed decision.

Our lawyers know the ins and outs of divorce and separation agreements. If you are interested in either option, we are able to answer your questions and help you move forward in an efficient manner.

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