Plan in advance for that holiday parenting schedule

The parenting schedule you use works for the vast majority of the year, but then the holidays roll around and everything changes. The kids may have a long break from school, you both may have time off from work and the holidays themselves have to be planned around. It’s very important to do this in advance, rather than trying to do it on the fly and creating a lot of stress and anxiety.

One thing you want to think about is what big changes there are. For example, your ex may typically take the kids on two consecutive weeks. You may love this in February, but if those two weeks mean you will barely see the kids around Christmas, is that really what you want?

You also have to remember that your ex may have expectations of his or her own. That’s why mentioning that you want to make changes well in advance is important. If you call your ex up two days before Christmas with your request, a fight is more likely.

Remember to factor in travel. Are you going out of town, and did you want to take the kids? Does that mean you’ll need them for longer than usual? Is your ex planning a similar trip? Traveling breaks up the daily routine and means a special schedule is needed.

If it’s hard to have emotional conversations about kids and the holidays—especially if you’re afraid you won’t see the kids when you want to—some experts suggest using email instead of talking on the phone or in person. Either way, be sure you know your rights as a parent in British Columbia.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Holiday Parenting Schedule: Make a List and Check It Twice,” Nicole H. Sodoma and Robin Goulet, accessed Nov. 27, 2015

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