Duncan Keith’s wife won’t get $150,000 per month in support

Duncan Keith makes his living by playing in the National Hockey League, where he became a star for the Chicago Blackhawks, so there was a lot of money at stake when he and his wife decided to split up last year. As their marriage fell apart, his wife went to the court in British Columbia to ask for two types of financial support.

The numbers look fairly staggering. She wanted to get $69,270 each month since the two had a son together, stating that she’d need that much as child support. Additionally, she asked for $150,000 each month for spousal support.

She said she was entitled to this because of the “economic hardship and disadvantages” that she had suffered.

Keith’s camp did not agree, and they came back with a counter offer. Reports show that they said she deserved more in the range of $15,000 each month for herself and another $10,000 in child support.

The case recently went to court, and the court did not side with Keith’s wife, refusing to give her the lofty sums she had asked for. However, they also thought that Keith was offering far too little, based on mortgage costs and other expenses. The judge ended up ruling that $15,000 per month should be paid out to help her support their young son, and that she should get another $45,000 every month as support for herself.

Keith and his wife began dating when they were in their teens, though they’re now 32 years old. Their son is just two.

If you are going through a divorce, the financial side can get complicated, so be sure you know your rights.

Source: Vancouver Sun, “Wife of NHLer Duncan Keith loses bid for $150,000 in monthly support,” Kelly Sinoski, Sep. 22, 2015

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