Tips for divorced parents as school begins once again

The summer is fading, which means that school is already in session in many areas or will be soon. For divorced parents, sharing access to their child can become more difficult. The good news is that there are several tips that can help divorced parents manage issues that arise when a child returns to school. Consider the following:

  • Google’s shared calendar will keep everyone up-to-date. Whenever a new event comes up, it’s added to the calendar. This helps parents work around their schedules to make it easier for everyone to attend events. Invites can be sent for the really important dates without having to call everyone.
  • Drop off your children at school together on the first day. Chlidren are usually pretty nervous, even if they appear to be confident, on the first day of school. This can be a huge boost for your children as they see that you both support them.
  • Ease the burden of the cost of school supplies by splitting it. Buying school supplies, clothes and more can be very expensive. Splitting the cost makes it financially easier on each of you.
  • Tell your child’s teachers about your relationship with the other parent. This doesn’t mean that you have to go into great detail, but explaining to a homeroom teacher that you are divorced can make it easier for the teacher to understand who is who. Then the teachers won’t have to ask your child about the family situation, which could put him or her in an awkward position.
  • Go to parent-teacher conferences together. It can be important to present yourselves as a team, even if you are no longer a couple. It also lets your children know how important they are and that you’re putting their best interests above any acrimony.

It’s important that your child feel loved by both parents and understand that the divorce wasn’t his or her fault. Children should also realize that expectations about school are the same for each of you. These factors will help your child get off on the right foot this school year — at least where the two of you are concerned.

Source: The Huffington Post, “10 Smart Back-To-School Tips For Divorced Parents,” Brittany Wong, Aug. 24, 2015

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