Canadian rockers divorce, property division not yet released

Two of Canada’s biggest music stars have dimmed the lights on their marriage, but they insist that they remain the “best of friends,” even in the wake of their divorce proceedings. Rock stars Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger, the frontman for the band Nickelback, have cited a breakdown in the marriage as the reason for their split. The pair had been together since March 2012, when Kroeger agreed to provide songwriting support for Lavigne’s fifth album.

By all accounts, the couple is pursuing an amicable divorce proceeding, with Lavigne issuing a statement indicating that she and Kroeger would “always care deeply for each other.” Lavigne and Kroeger were known for their openness about their relationship, even sharing intimate information on Howard Stern’s radio talk show. However, it appears that the tabloids may have been right when they predicted the pair’s relationship downturn about a year ago; even though Kroeger denied reports that the marriage was on the rocks, a divorce proceeding was not far behind.

So far, news reports have not made mention of any prenuptial agreements or spousal maintenance decisions. This is Lavigne’s second divorce — she was previously married to Sum 41 musician Deryck Whibley — so it is possible that she drafted financial documents before wedding bells rang with Kroeger. Details about the split are sparse so far.

As challenging as divorce is for everyday British Colombians, those with high-asset situations can find themselves in even sticker situations. Famous rock stars are not the only people who have to deal with complicated asset division situations; even if you do not have significant financial holdings, a divorce can be challenging because of dividing a business or other similar asset. Property division is a difficult topic for everyone who is seeking a divorce. Even if you do not think that you need the help of a divorce lawyer, it makes sense to consult a professional before making any formal property division decisions.

Source: CBC News, “Avril Lavigne, Chad Kroeger separate, but remain ‘best of friends’,” The Canadian Press, Sep. 02, 2015

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