Woman asks for divorce to avoid nursing home costs

A woman from Canada is asking for a divorce from her husband. Her reason: She says she can’t afford to make the payments to keep the man in a nursing home. It is too expensive, and she is seeking to break off the marriage.

She says she just does not earn enough money to make the payments feasible. She also says that she’s already contacted her legal team to get the process moving.

At this time, the woman says it costs her about $1,800 every month. The problem is that she works for the Aroostook Valley Golf Club. She’s a seasonal worker — a cook — and she only makes $12 for each hour when she does have work.

However, she does not have to cover all of the costs. Her husband also gets a pension, which gives him around $1,400 per month. She just has to cover the other $400 with her own money. Still, at just $12 per hour on seasonal work, she doesn’t think she has enough.

The man in the nursing home is 65 years old. Six years ago, he had a stroke. He now cannot talk or walk, so he requires constant care and assistance.

Right now, the man is living at Victoria Glen Manor. However, as the couple has struggled to make ends meet and pay what they owe, the woman says that the manager of the establishment has started to threaten them. According to her, the manager said the man would be evicted and put on the streets.

If you’re seeking a divorce and there is a complex financial situation behind it, you must know all of your legal options.

Source: CBC, “Beechwood woman files for divorce, citing nursing home costs,” Rachel Cave, July 30, 2015

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