Powerful advice when divorce strikes

A divorce in British Columbia can be messy and emotionally taxing, but there are things you can do to make it easier and to make sure that the end result is at least in line with what you want for your life. These pieces of advice will help make that a reality. Be sure to consider them carefully, along with all of your legal options.

First, be careful with how you talk about your spouse when your kids are around. You don’t want to come across as petty and insulting, even if you’re angry with your spouse, as it just makes the whole process messier.

Similarly, remember that the divorce isn’t just about you. Your children are going to be impacted by it as well, so it’s 50 percent you and 50 percent them. Make your decisions with this in mind.

Turn to your friends. You’re probably used to turning to your spouse when you need support, which you clearly can’t do during a divorce. You still need friends to help you talk through the process and work things out.

Remember what is important. If you have children, you want to spend more energy fighting for your guardianship rights than trying to keep the home. Material things can be replaced.

Finally, keep in mind that you want to be composed and classy if you end up before a judge. There are times to rant and complain—when you’re with your friends after the whole thing is over—but you don’t want to do that in court. Put your best foot forward, put your emotions aside, and focus on results.

Source: The Huffington Post Canada, “20 Powerful Pieces Of Advice For Those Going Through A Divorce,” Brittany Wong, May 29, 2015

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