A checklist you should use after you get divorced

A divorce is a huge change in your life in British Columbia, and the impact could spread farther than you may have assumed. After the split, use the following checklist to be sure that you’ve made any updates and changes that need to be made.

— File the proper forms to tell the government of the status change.– Change your marital status when doing your taxes.– Consider the tax implications of child support or spousal support.– Close bank accounts you no longer need.– Ensure that only you have access to remaining accounts.– Change your name on things like credit cards, mortgage papers and debit cards.– Change your beneficiaries if you have any investment accounts.– Close or alter joint investment accounts.– Consider your potential legal right to some of your spouse’s pension, if applicable.– Change the official ownership rights that you have to any real estate, including your home.– Update all of your medical benefits and insurance plans.– Change the name on your car insurance and your driver’s license. The registration for the car may also need to be updated.– Update other types of insurance that you carry, such as life insurance or disability insurance.– Alter your wills, trusts, and other pieces of estate planning paperwork. You may also need to change the executor, depending on the situation.– Look at the Power of Attorney and make alterations as needed.

These are just a few examples of things you need to do, not any exhaustive list. Be sure you know all of the important legal steps to take.

Source: Divorce Financial Planners, “Post-Divorce Checklist,” accessed June 22, 2015

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