The goals of child support law

Sometimes, parents are able to come to an agreement when they split up, deciding how child support is going to be paid. Other times, the cases have to go to court and then a judge will decide what each parent must do. Either way works, but, if you end up in court, it’s important to know about the goal of Canada’s child support laws.

First and foremost, the goal is to make things fair for the child. The child should not have to live off of just one parent’s income, but should be supported equally by both parents.

On top of that, the law seeks an objective solution that is fair to the parents. The goal here is to get rid of as much conflict as possible between the parents. This creates a better home atmosphere for the child and is beneficial for everyone involved.

The law also attempts to treat parents and children in a similar manner when cases are the same. While each case is viewed individually, precedents will be used to find a realistically appropriate solution.

Finally, the law seeks to make the entire process as effective and efficient as possible. Ideally, it will help to streamline the court case and get a resolution quickly.

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