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Leading Family Law Lawyers in British Columbia

Quay Law Centre is the largest group of lawyers practising family law in British Columbia. We offer experienced representation in all matrimonial and related legal matters, including divorce, property division, child custody, child support, enforcement orders, paternity claims and more. We specialize in the divorce of couples who have a medium to high net worth. We serve clients across Canada, and internationally, who have assets or connections to British Columbia.

Quay Law Centre is a leader in family law.

  • Our mission: At Quay Law Centre, we are driven by a desire to provide excellent legal representation and assist our clients in achieving effective legal solutions. We provide the highest quality of legal services.
  • Custom legal solutions: We understand that every family situation is different, which is why we tailor our services to the unique needs of each client. We have in-depth familiarity with court and trial processes, mediation and collaborative law. We will not hesitate to go to trial and vigorously defend your rights.
  • Our approach: We vow to always provide our clients with honest advice and help them to have realistic expectations throughout every stage of the legal process.
  • Cost sensitivity: We take a cost-effective approach to our work, whether we are representing a client during court proceedings, collaborative divorce or mediation. We also offer a special rate for each client's first consultation.

If you are dealing with divorce, a custody dispute or another family-related issue, speak to an experienced family law lawyer for trusted advice and guidance. Hiring a respected, knowledgeable lawyer could make a significant impact on the outcome of your case.

To schedule a consultation, contact Quay Law Centre online, or call us locally at 604-527-1161 or toll free at 877-895-1426. Our main office is conveniently located in the heart of Metropolitan Vancouver, near the New Westminster SkyTrain Station, and we have branch offices in Kelowna and Vancouver.